Pop Culture Collaborative grants are awarded to organizations, companies and individuals working to drive mass audience experiences, cultural transformation, narrative shifts, and personal revelations through the power of modern media and entertainment.

Immersive stories have the power to elicit empathy, increase understanding and spark our imaginations. Pop culture—which we define as stories and experiences that reach and engage mass audiences of millions of people—help us make sense of the world around us, and reaffirm or disrupt our values and beliefs. At the same time, stories can also deaden our sensitivity to injustice and human suffering. Painful public policies—from Muslim bans, to the hyper-criminalization of Black and immigrant communities, to the policing of women’s bodies—are often normalized by a web of harmful narratives and stories in mass media and popular culture.

We believe we have an opportunity—and responsibility—to popularize authentic, just narratives of people of color, immigrants, refugees and Muslims that tell a new story of America’s future and the people who will embody it.  We welcome your wild concepts, bold solutions and breakthrough strategies. Send us your ideas, and let’s get to work.

Read our full vision statement, the guidelines, and then submit your idea for a Major Grant or Rapid Response Grant.

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