Jesse Moore


Jesse Moore is a former White House advisor, a leading voice on entertainment, social justice and politics, and the founder of Common Thread Strategies – a boutique firm focused on message development, systemic change strategies, speechwriting, and bridge building across complex policy or social divides.

Moore served as a White House staff speechwriter before being appointed associate director of public engagement and the President’s chief liaison to both entertainment industry partners and faith-based organizations.  In this role he worked to amplify President Obama’s message through pop culture platforms and partnerships with celebrity activists and content creators.  Moore served on several White House task forces, including those dealing with criminal justice reform, 21st century policing, sexual assault prevention, and My Brother’s Keeper – to empower boys and young men of color.

Moore served as a communications director at the US Department of Health and Human Services in the President’s first term – managing media strategy around poverty reduction and opportunity programs.  He held state leadership positions in each of President Obama’s national campaigns, and currently sits on the Board of Directors at Rock the Vote.  Moore has been featured as a political contributor on MSNBC, C-Span and in the Huffington Post.

Moore spent his early career working in youth empowerment and college admissions at Western Washington University – where he also studied Political Science and English. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a native of Lynnwood, Washington.