Building on a Facebook user data study conducted just after the 2016 election by The New York Times that maps the geographic demographics of audiences of the 50 most popular TV shows on Facebook, artist and cognitive scientist Heidi Boisvert will use her proprietary “narrative engine” database system to dig beneath the “likes” to codify the narrative elements (characters, plot points, cliffhangers, genres, narrative structure, et al) of popular television shows in order to 1) search for trends that reveal the story ingredients most appealing to different audiences around the country, and 2) using biometric sensors, conduct tests with representative audience members to understand the neurological effects on the human body of these narrative elements. futurePerfect lab will then translate these insights into recommendations to inform outreach strategy and story design discussions with entertainment storytellers and culture change strategists.

One year: $30,000

To learn more about futurPerfect Lab, visit their website here.