Joy to the Polls

Frontline Election Defenders

The Abundance Mindset: More is More

In this special early voting and election day action, the Frontline Election Defenders (Working Families Party and Movement 4 Black Lives) created Joy to the Polls. In partnership with Live Nation, they organized artists, DJs and musicians (including Patti Smith, Busta Rhymes, Offset, Mulatto, Vic Mensa) to provide roving concerts to highly trafficked polling sites around the country to create a sense of joy as Americans voted to protect our democracy and motivate every single person to stay in line. Throughout election day, Joy to the Polls shared videos of the various performances all over the U.S. while sharing a playlist curated by influencers and voters. Following those election day mobilizations, Joy to the Polls turned its attention to the Georgia Senate runoff in January.

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