The Becoming America Fund supports and coordinates a narrative network of entertainment leaders, artists, movement organizers, cultural strategists, and fandom organizers, who together, are building widespread public yearning for the pluralist nation we are capable of becoming. 

Now, in one spot, we invite you to immerse yourself in the ever-expanding Becoming America narrative ocean of pop culture content and experiences, all working to advance one of three cultural shift priorities:

  • The Abundance Mindset: More is More
  • The Seekers Mindset: Embracing Difference Is Always the Answer
  • The Upstanders Mindset: The Time to Step Into the Fight for Justice is Now

 In addition, meet the Becoming America Pluralist Visionaries, individuals who are telling a rich and expansive story of who we are as a nation, where we’ve been, and what we could become.


These storytellers are working to re-awaken peoples belief in human potential—their own, each others, and the promise of American society.

The Seekers Mindset: Embracing Difference IS THE ANSWER

These storytellers are working to activate people’s curiosity and yearning to seek out and forge bonds rooted in justice, accountability, healing, and joy.

The Upstanders mindset: the time to step into the fight for justice is now

These storytellers are working to move people along a journey from individualism to allyship, activating them to “cry no” whenever someone is targeted with aggression—by an individual, group, or the state—because of their identity.


These social justice and cultural thought leaders are telling a new story about the pluralist nation we are becoming. 

Becoming America Story Portal

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