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The Seekers Mindset: Embracing Difference Is the Answer

To combat the most common misconceptions about immigration spread by the far right on YouTube, Define American teamed up with four influencers to create a series of explainer videos focused on four different major narratives, with the intention of reaching audiences often targeted by right-wing influencers and media networks. 

The Future of America Is Multiculturalism: Rachel Lindsay, the first Black woman to be featured as the Bachelorette in the hit franchise, is an attorney, media personality, and outspoken advocate for racial justice. In this video, she breaks down the demographic shifts happening in this country, and what this raw data could mean for the emerging identity of our nation. 

Do We Really Need a Border Wall?: Douglas Massey, PhD, a professor of sociology at Princeton University and prominent migration studies scholar, explains the history of our southern border, and what “building a wall” would really mean. The video was distributed in partnership with the Gravel Institute.

PragerU Is Misleading About Immigration: Mr. Beat, a social studies teacher who makes educational YouTube videos, takes on common misconceptions about family based-migration by responding to a viral anti-immigrant video. 

Are We Overreacting to Climate Change?: Univision Chicago’s chief meteorologist, Ericka Pino, discusses the intersection of climate change and forced migration, and how climate justice is immigrant justice. This video is also available en español.

"With polarization so high in our country between political views and regional cultures... we ensured the videos were seen by an audience who have been previously exposed to xenophobic messages to begin the difficult work of shifting their minds on this issue. The narratives of a welcoming America presented in the videos were intended to begin rebuilding trust in the vision of embracing difference and a successful pluralist society."

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