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The Abundance Mindset: More is More

BLKTrans*+ Whole is an IGTV gathering place for storytelling and practice featuring Black Trans* healing, arts and spiritual justice practitioners.Too often “single storied” (a term created by Chimamanda Adichie) BLKTrans* aim to present the lives of Black Trans* folks as evolving, multifaceted, and full of possibility.Telling stories breaks the boxes of intersectional oppression experienced living as BLK and Trans*; not just the stories of harm or success, but the complex, joyful, and surprising stories that present us as WHOLE. This space is designed to help BLKTrans* people re-frame personal experiences, desires, and possibilities and individual stories become the template for how all people can access gender freedom. Simultaneously, the practices shared become a cultural organizing tool to invite the audience to be in exploration of their wholeness, together.

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