Meet our grantee:

Wise Entertainment (2017 Grant)

People in the real world draw inspiration from pop culture characters and narratives. It is up to leaders in the entertainment industry like Wise Entertainment to understand how to ensure we are inspiring positivity in the complex audiences we reach. ¬ This partnership will power their efforts to collect and organize streaming and social media data for all four seasons of East Los High, representing one of the most ambitious data evaluation projects to date for a show made by and for people of color. They aim to identify new and improved success metrics for shows that are designed for specific audiences — in their case young, millennial Latinos and other audiences of color. They also expect to address inclusion and representation both in front of and behind the camera by designing new definitions of what a successful television show is.

$50,000 for one year

To support phase one of an initiative designed to create new audience measurement methodology around pop content by and for people of color and to change industry practices and narratives about the value of this content. Phase one focuses on four years of analysis and engagement metrics around Hulu’s East Los High.

People in the real world depend and rely on the inspiration, motivation and journey that pop culture and entertainment provide them through its characters and narratives.

To learn more about Wise Entertainment, visit their website here.