Meet our grantee:

Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity

Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity

The Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity (TTIE) is a self-organized consortium of working television writers committed to increasing inclusion and improving working conditions for all writers, particularly those from diverse backgrounds. TTIE’s groundbreaking 2019 report, “Behind The Scenes: The State of Inclusion and Equity in TV Writers Rooms,” opened the industry’s eyes to the urgent need to fix the culture of writers rooms, in order to improve writers’ working conditions and make the industry more hospitable to the perspectives and stories of diverse storytellers.

TTIE will continue to organize writers, studios and networks to advance the solutions presented within ““Behind The Scenes” and to develop the 2020 report. The result will be a network of diverse TV writers who are collaborating and supporting each other to making meaningful industry-wide change in partnership with executives and producers.

TTIE is committed to challenging and dismantling the systemic barriers in place impeding the advancement of both stories and writers of diverse backgrounds.—Tawal Panyacosit Jr., Co-Organizer, TTIE