Three paneled pictures of Becoming America grantees

After the early leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn fifty years of legal precedent around abortion access, the Pop Culture Collaborative, with support from an anonymous donor, activated our Becoming America Fund’s narrative-focused, rapid response grantmaking capacity.

The Collaborative is honored to support the critical work of artists, media makers, cultural leaders, and movement organizers that will help tens of millions of people make meaning of what’s next in a post-Roe world, find care and connection amidst ongoing trauma, and ultimately, step into the fight for reproductive justice as we work towards a just and pluralist future.  Together, these pop projects will both activate an intersectional array of communities to see themselves in the long-term fight for reproductive justice and make the narrative connection between the reversal of Roe and the domino effect on reproductive justice, bodily autonomy, and civil rights including marriage equality, trans rights, healthcare, immigrant rights, voting rights, and more.

These grantees include:

  • “Abortion Bans are Racist” Campaign
    Grantee: URGE
    URGE will launch “Abortion Bans are Racist,” a narrative and organizing campaign utilizing paid media and digital content to spark new and ongoing connective conversations among young and BIPOC activists about the inherent connections between abortion access, racial justice, and reproductive justice.
  • Act for Abortion
    Grantee: Tides Foundation
    Act for Abortion, a collective of cultural organizers and artists, is producing a series of creative activations including artwork, gospel rallies, and banner drops in support of abortion access in key states most impacted by abortion bans and is also developing a digital, influencer-starring PSA on abortion access and safety in a post-Roe environment.
  • Ball On The Mall
    Grantee: Marsha P. Johnson Institute
    The Marsha P. Johnson Institute will produce “Ball on the Mall,” a pop-up Ballroom event, bringing people from all walks of life together in a display of joyful, public reclaiming and resistance to highlight the connection between reproductive justice and the trans community.
  • Ban The Reproductive Binary
    Grantee: National LGBTQ Task Force 
    The National LGBTQ Task Force will launch a pop culture social media campaign, including multiple video vignettes, to help gay, cis-men understand the impact of Roe vs. Wade on their communities and bring them into the reproductive justice fight.
  • Dads for Choice
    Grantee: Offsides Productions
    Offsides Productions co-produced “Dads for Choice,” a comedic PSA video launched right before Father’s Day, with the goal of getting more men and gender-nonconforming papas of all stripes involved in the reproductive justice movement. The video was used to amplify Operation Save Abortion, a day-long training session for thousands of people to learn how to defend their rights.
  • Gender Justice Entertainment Hub
    Grantee: Harness
    With support from a new Gender Justice Senior Advisor, Harness will activate its creative community around supporting storytelling and narrative change gathering sessions, artist activations, and narrative rapid response strategy through its Gender Justice Entertainment Hub.
  • Indigenous Reproductive Autonomy Project
    Grantee: IllumiNative
    IllumiNative will commission up to four Native women and/or nonbinary artists to produce multi-media creative content to spotlight the ongoing fight for reproductive autonomy in Native communities; center Native voices in the national abortion debate; and highlight the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade on Native women, nonbinary people, families, and communities.
  • “Let’s Talk About Sex” Special
    Grantee: SisterSong
    As part of its biennial Let’s Talk About Sex (LTAS) conference, SisterSong will produce a virtual one-hour special that centers and spotlights BIPOC leaders in political education, activism, and entertainment to build public engagement around reproductive justice.
  • Organic Content to Propel Reproductive Justice
    Grantee: Into Action Lab
    In collaboration with abortion rights groups, Into Action Lab will create organic digital content to build momentum for reproductive justice.
  • Shout Your Abortion
    Grantee: Shout Your Abortion
    Shout Your Abortion will activate an influencer media outreach strategy to empower new activists to become local ambassadors for abortion healthcare info, abortion funds, and independent clinics as a way forward in a post-Roe America.
  • Trans Bodies, Trans Choices: The Road From Roe
    Grantee: TransLash
    TransLash will produce and distribute “The Road From Roe,” an original, short animated film that will propel the wider American public to understand the historic links between transgender and reproductive rights.
  • We Save Us
    Grantee: The Meteor, with Renee Bracey Sherman and Regina Mahone
    “We Save Us” is a new podcast series, hosted by abortion activist Renee Bracey Sherman and journalist Regina Mahone, which will respond to the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade and the current criminalization of abortion by diving into how we got to this moment and calling for a more thoughtful, intersectional approach to how we go forward—all in a lively, accessible tone and in conversation with brilliant guests.