Meet our grantee:

United We Dream

United We Dream aims to leverage moments and content in pop culture to bring millions of people into the fight to protect the rights and strength of immigrants and refugee people. ¬ Understanding that the majority of Americans stand with these communities – they hope to develop the language and methods for them to join the fight. The Collaborative will empower their efforts to build new partnerships in the entertainment industry to raise the public’s sense of urgency, along with the voices of immigrants, refugees and all advocates.

$75,000 for one year

To support their work with cultural consultants ‚Äì lead strategist and advertising agency ‚Äì to design and experiment with the development of their #HereToStay network’s campaign branding, immersive cultural experiences and story/content strategy in order to expand and deepen a base of immigrant supporters and allies.

We’re aiming at creating a culture of activism and engagement and to do that we will need examples of what that looks like to be everywhere – not just in the news.

To learn more about United We Dream, visit their website here.