Meet our grantee:

Storyline Partners

Storyline Partners

Storyline Partners — a collective of leading social change and advocacy organizations — collaborates with the entertainment industry to seed and shift storylines to tell more accurate and nuanced narratives that reflect the realities and richness of our communities.

Storyline Partners’ services include consultations and script review; issue area and community-specific presentations to writers rooms and other convenings of content creators; guidance on standards and practice for networks and studios; and opportunities to connect the entertainment industry with members of impacted communities to add depth and accuracy to new and existing storylines. Their work focuses particularly on issues that affect people of color, immigrants, refugees, disability rights, Muslims, LGBTQ, and other underrepresented or misrepresented communities in pop culture.

The goal of Storyline Partners is nothing short of changing the way the entertainment industry portrays characters and plotlines so that the stories of individuals and their communities are represented authentically, accurately, and with the depth and respect they deserve—in the just and inclusive society, we’re all working to create. —Storyline Partners