Meet our grantee:


Today, CultureStrike harnesses the power of arts and storytelling and builds the capacity of artists to envision and build a more equitable world. With support from the Pop Culture Collaborative, CultureStrike will:

  1. Train high-visibility artists in entertainment to be effective in their activism and organizing and support them with the tools they need to take leadership in their industry;
  2. Experiment with mentorship models, story creation labs, and partnerships with TV showrunners to increase access and opportunity for undocumented and immigrant artists to educate and collaborate with entertainment artists to tell the stories of migrants in America.

For more information, visit the website.

“Understanding that cultural change precedes political change, CultureStrike catalyzes and disseminates disruptive ideas and tested strategies that both challenge dominant narratives and empowers artists and culture makers who are directly impacted by inequality to transform culture in the United States.

CultureStrike recognizes the need for a deep and integrated strategy to organize artists to build power and equity within the pop culture realm and through their influence and platforms.

This is a movement moment for culture makers to transform their sector with a focus on inclusion, a unified vision, and a critical analysis of entrenched power systems. We have the opportunity to connect their platforms to social justice goals and help them organize for equity in their own field.”