Do you remember what life was like one year ago? Let’s travel back in time:

  • People around the world were just beginning to process the trauma, grief and loss created by a multiyear pandemic.
  • A coordinated attack on the bodily autonomy and human rights of women, transgender and gender expansive people was gaining momentum.
  • The white nationalist cultural movement’s systematic efforts to erase racial history, queer studies, and social-emotional learning from public education was underway.
  • And a(nother) contentious election season was taking shape.

We’ve been through a lot—and real talk—we’re still not okay. But in the midst of this tumult, the pop culture narrative change field understood the assignment: Embrace complexity. Help people feel all the feelings. And however we can, find the joy.

Now, we invite you to experience Becoming America: Cycle 2, the ecosystem of pop culture stories, events, and experiences these field partners produced to ignite public yearning for our pluralist future.