Recovery Recess

Center for working families


During the two-week congressional recess (March 29-April 9), the Center for Working Families launched Recovery Recess, organizing artists and TikTok micro-influencers to elevate narratives and build public urgency for the Thrive Agenda, a blueprint for the future that tackles multiple crises—economic inequality, public health, racism, and climate change—with a plan to create dignified jobs for millions of unemployed workers and support a better life for the millions more who remain vulnerable. Using the congressional recess as a window of opportunity to elevate popular needs through popular culture, in ways that both gain mass attention and present voices of particular state residents, the activations revolved around three core events in the states of West Virginia, Arizona, and Colorado. Artist partners were recruited on the statewide level for individual projects, nationally through existing Joy to the People artist lists, and through recruitment for an artist briefing call that, in its first 24 hours, generated RSVPs from 80 artists from Hollywood, the visual arts, and music. 

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