People’s Inauguration

Revolutionary Love Project, The Soze Foundation, Amplifer

The Abundance Mindset: More is More

The People’s Inauguration was a virtual experience to celebrate what is possible for our country; taking place on January 21, 2021, the day after the Presidential inauguration. Created by Valarie Kaur of the The Revolutionary Love Project in partnership with Amplifier, Dream Corps, The Soze Foundation, and Sounds True, the People’s Inauguration called on everyday citizens to commit to the work of healing, reimagining, and rebuilding our country. The People’s Inauguration invited all Americans to come together virtually to take their own oath, committing them to the project of building a nation with liberty and justice for all. Kaur also led a teaching series, “10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love,” from January 21 to 31. The series featured 30 visionaries, faith leaders, movement leaders, artists, and healers – including Baratunde Thurston, Ai-jen Poo, Van Jones, Sherilynn Ifyll and many more – who shared stories and tools that anchor us in courage and wisdom.

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