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The Abundance Mindset: More is More

The Essential Campaign micro-videos are aimed at contributing to a more expansive and imaginative concept of “belonging” in America, while shifting from the margins to the mainstream policies that address injustices faced by essential workers. Each short, executive produced by award-winning actress, director and producer Angela Bassett and Moore+Associates, will focus on workers who provide an essential service, specifically access to food, care, and transportation. Instead of dialogue, the videos will tell the stories of these workers through images, music, and narration, a mix of music video and documentary styles. The Essential Campaign reveals workers we have long ignored, while highlighting the critical role they play in our day-to-day lives, particularly during the pandemic. It helps people see the challenges these workers face as unjust rather than unfortunate, and it urges viewers to join efforts to create change.

The stories begin with #EssentialWoman because women are—and always have been—the unseen labor force keeping America running. Directed by Academy Award-nominated director Kevin Wilson, Jr. , the first video, “For Armetta” remembers those essential workers we’ve lost and how together, we can start to imagine the future ahead.

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