Elle Moxley

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As a transgender rights activist, artist, community organizer, speaker, and writer, Elle Moxley is best-known for her work as a co-founding member of the Black Lives Matter Network and organizer of the first-ever National Day of Action for Black Trans Women, in 2015. Elle is currently Executive Director of The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, an organization founded in 2015 that supports Black transgender women to advocate for an end to violence against all trans people through advocacy, transformative organizing, restoration, civil disobedience, and direct action. 


Directed by and featuring activist and organizer Elle Moxley, the soon-to-be-released short film, BLACK Beauty follows Elle in the midst of 2020. Through slow cinematic moments and meditations, BLACK Beauty quietly observes the storied organizer and activist in and around her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, as she embarks on a personal journey with loved ones from the past to explore concepts of love, belonging, and home. Scheduled to premiere this summer, BLACK Beauty traces Elle’s story, from her early experiences as a Black trans teen in Columbus to her organizing work for Tamir Rice in Cleveland. As Elle explores her history, she relays her vision for our collective future, a vision that suddenly feels possible in this rapidly changing world. BLACK Beauty is a cry out for hope, change, and the importance of self-love. BLACK Beauty is an invitation for us all to return home to ourselves.


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