Becoming America Anthology Series

Break the Room

The Seekers Mindset: Embracing Difference Is the Answer

The Becoming America Anthology series is a digital short anthology series comprised of three stories from three different writers rooms located across the country (Los Angeles, Chicago, and Durham, NC) that explore the humanity of life under duress, pain, and difference.

In Nimzo a cast of Trans folks tell the story of Nimzo, who deals with a confrontation from the past while trying to fill his testosterone supply during a pandemic shortage. Our Finest Hour follows Pakistani Muslim siblings Aleena and Rayan as they deal with life apart during pandemic and a dark shared history of Rayan begins to resurface. In Van Sanctuary, a runaway undocumented teen sets up shop in a church parking lot in hopes of seeking asylum. The Anthology Series debuted in partnership with the media platform What We Seee.

..In this series, we used three narratives centering characters from different spaces, backgrounds, or thoughts to dig through obstacles to eventually reach a point of solidarity. Our goal was to invoke a sense of inspiration, allyship, and triumph. Though our stories don't always end with a happy ending, each one caters to this idea of release, moving forward, and growth.

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