“Abundance” – Short Film

Amber Abundance

The Abundance Mindset: More is More

On Saturday, May 29, storyteller, organizer, and filmmaker Amber J. Phillips released a short film, Abundance, exploring what it means to exist in this world as a Black, fat, queer person. Broken into three parts—“Fat,” “Angry,” and “Queer,”—Abundance digs into the limitations and radical possibilities of identity through Amber’s personal experiences in politics, comedy, and organizing. Abundance weaves Amber’s perspectives with key cultural moments and influences. In “Fat,” for example, Amber juxtaposes the progress made with Fenty’s 3XL lingerie sizing and the rise of fat influencers and Lizzo with her own personal experience of being targeted on a flight for being too fat, too Black, and too femme. The result is an engaging, provocative, and moving film that shows what it means to challenge the norm in a cis-hetero-white-male society, and celebrate Black women and queer women and fat women for exactly who they are.

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