The Pop Culture Collaborative is pleased to announce the launch of THE TEFLON EFFECT, a learning series exploring how the pop culture narrative change field and the funders who support it can use narrative and cultural strategies to cultivate pluralist social identities at scale.

In our first essay, Social Identity Formation: The Next Great Work of the Pop Culture Narrative Change Field, The Pop Culture Collaborative’s CEO, Bridgit Antoinette Evans, explores:

  • How generations of Black Americans have remixed Black identity into the source of our creativity and genius.
  • How the White nationalist movement weaponized “woke” social identity.
  • Four types of identity—and why we all need to explore the power of social identity, in particular.
  • The three experiences that work together to foster and fortify social identity.
  • Key steps that funders can take to dive deeper into the science and strategy of social identity formation.

ENTERTAIN CHANGE: Philanthropy is our narrative grantmaking learning community of funders who are working to strategically resource and strengthen narrative strategies and the work of pop culture for social change field.

If you are a philanthropic leader interested in understanding more about narrative change grantmaking and social identity formation, sign up for the EC:P list by clicking the button below.