We’re pleased to share that Pop Culture Collaborative was featured in the June 2021 issue of Inside Philanthropy:

Some of the most enduring stories we tell each other on screen and on the page aren’t just entertainment. They’re empathy-generating machines. Late 1970s miniseries sensation “Roots” didn’t just bring the realities and horrors of slavery into homes across the country—it also forced white America to empathize with a Black single family across generations.

More recently, Ava Duvernay’s Netflix offering “When They See Us” brought more awareness to the Central Park Five. But not only that—it galvanized the public to apply social pressure, leading to prosecutor Linda Fairstein’s resignation from the board of Vassar College and from the board of a nonprofit. She also lost her publisher. And HBO’s “Watchmen” has done the impossible and made Black Wall Street the household name it should have been from grade school, with President Joe Biden marking the 100-year anniversary of the planned massacre a few days ago.

This is what storytelling can do.

Pop Culture Collaborative describes itself as a “philanthropic resource and funder learning community working to transform the narrative landscape in America around people of color, immigrants, refugees, Muslims and Indigenous peoples, especially those who are women, queer, transgender and/or disabled.”

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