The Pop Culture Collaborative seeks grantee partners committed to creating a pop culture narrative environment powerful enough to re-shape the American public’s imagination around people of color, immigrants, refugees and Muslims. Our focus is on individuals, projects and collaborations that deliberately work through entertainment and mass media—movies, episodic TV and streaming series, sports, games, books, music, advertising and pop-driven journalism—to transform the narratives, values, beliefs and behaviors of millions of people everyday. Through a pop culture lens, our grantee partners devote their artistry, resources and strategic efforts to one or more of the following: creative storytelling, narrative strategy design and implementation, research and evaluation, knowledge building and sharing, training and strategy development, audience analysis and activation, and/or network creation and management. We are looking for bold ideas, emotionally resonant storytelling, revelatory research and experiments, and critical insights that together build a powerful field at the intersection of pop culture and social change

Download the Major Grants’ grantmaking guidelines.

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