• Caring Across Generations

    An innovative pop culture strategy will enable Caring Across Generations to elevate often-overlooked caregivers as multi-dimensional protagonists in society, transforming how we think about aging, race, gender, and community in the 21st century.  Their stories will illuminate the essential and complex role of caregiving in our everyday lives and expose the critical need for greater public support for all families as we live longer and require more care.

  • Color of Change

    By consulting writers room staffs, showrunners and industry executives, Color Of Change seeks to reshape dominant narratives and shift cultural norms to ensure the entire entertainment industry responds with greater responsibility to the ways in which they represent Black people and other marginalized communities. Their objective is to provide an entry point for new audiences to understand our nation’s complex racial history, our present reality, and how the decisions we make moving forward will shape and reflect who we want to be as a country

  • Define American

    Define American promotes empathy and mutual understanding by sharing America’s whole story in ways that are humanizing.

  • Harness

    As an emerging powerhouse in both entertainment and social movements, Harness will design an organizational and programmatic strategy to ensure a long-term transformative impact on pop culture stories.

  • Wise Entertainment

    People in the real world draw inspiration from pop culture characters and narratives. It is up to leaders in the entertainment industry like Wise Entertainment to understand how to ensure we are inspiring positivity in the complex audiences we reach.

  • United We Dream

    United We Dream aims to leverage moments and and content in pop culture to bring millions of people into the fight to protect the rights and strength of immigrants and refugee people.

  • futurePerfect Lab

    futurePerfect Lab is a boutique creative agency that designs playful and imaginative digital projects exclusively for nonprofits and mass appeal.