Innovations in Mass Audience Activation

The Pop Culture Collaborative supports initiatives, bold experiments and exploration of emerging activation models to ensure that just, authentic narratives about historically marginalized communities are deeply integrated into the story landscape and strategically leveraged to activate mass and/or specific audiences around ways of thinking, living and relating in an effort to build widespread public yearning for a just and pluralist America.


13Exp is a new experiential social impact entertainment studio, one of the first in a growing field focused on interlocking scaleable, digital and physical content with social impact as a driving force. Experiential narratives tell stories that reflect the reality of what it is to be human in the modern world: many of us now experience and engage with the world indiscriminately on media platforms, content sources, social channels, and live moments.

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Secret Identities Universe

Graphic novelist and pop culture critic Jeff Yang and the Secret Identities team work with professional graphic storytellers and amateur creators to collaboratively imagine and bring to life organically diverse original superheroes inspired by the personal experiences and cultural heritage of those who traditionally haven’t been depicted in popular culture. To date, they have produced three acclaimed anthologies featuring the work of individuals from across the spectrum of race, gender and sexual orientation.


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Through the power of nonfiction storytelling and narrative change, centering the humanity of trans people in the national, social, and cultural landscape.

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United We Dream

United We Dream aims to leverage moments and and content in pop culture to bring millions of people into the fight to protect the rights and strength of immigrants and refugee people.

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