Meet our grantee:

The League

The League

The League is a social impact collective that uses culture to inspire civic involvement. They design and deploy creative, engaging strategies and campaigns in order to create tipping points that fundamentally shift our world to be more just and equitable. The League’s core team is made up of culture change strategists with roots in the social change movement, and they team up with others from a variety of disciplines, including social change, entertainment, brand marketing, experiential design, and tech. In this way, they are creating a league of change makers who are imagining new ways to address the urgent challenges facing our world today.

Through the design and implementation of cultural campaigns, influencer events, narrative strategy sessions, and the formation of a gender justice narrative rapid response team, The League will focus on transforming national narratives around women of color leadership, in particular Black women’s leadership, in 2020 and beyond.

There is tremendous power in using narratives to shift perceptions around women of color leadership, which will pave the way for change on a huge array of issues.—Tracy Sturdivant, Co-founder, The League