Meet our grantee:

Propper Daley

A social impact agency based in Hollywood, Propper Daley helps its clients leverage their unique assets to create positive change in the world. Propper Daley works with influencers, brands and causes, providing both strategic and creative solutions to move the needle on the issues they care most about. Its approach, rooted in behavioral science, moves beyond foundational “awareness raising” to those strategies and ideas that shift the attitudes and perceptions that lead to behavior change.

Perhaps more than ever, television continues to broadly shape and define our cultural narrative, and a relatively small group of individuals have significant influence on the storylines audiences see reflected on our small screens.

Propper Daley is designing “A‚Äã ‚ÄãDay‚Äã ‚Äãof‚Äã ‚ÄãUnreasonable‚Äã ‚ÄãConversation” a new annual convening for established and emerging television showrunners and writers to inform how Hollywood can reimagine how narratives represent communities and social issues.

Visit Propper Daley’s website ¬ to learn more.