Meet our grantee:

Pillars Fund (2018 Grant)

The Pillars Fund will oversee the research and design of a cohort of American Muslim community stakeholders from social movements, entertainment, the arts, advertising, academia, and more. This cohort will be immersed in the practice of, and then activated around, the design of a long-term narrative vision and culture change strategy. For more information, view the website.

“When you stream the latest hot series or watch the trailer for the next blockbuster film, the likelihood that you’ll see characters who reflect the diversity, richness, and humanity of the Muslim community is too close to zero. In reality, our community is brimming with talented, passionate storytellers, movement leaders, and scholars who can envision a different script altogether. We are beyond thrilled to work with Pop Culture Collaborative to help build and unleash this powerful creative force.” – Kashif Shaikh