Meet our grantee:

People’s Action

People’s Action is one of the largest multiracial, people’s organizations in the country made up of 48 member organizations with 600 local staff in 30 states representing a million grassroots leaders in communities and online. People’s Action builds powerful state and local community organizations led by working class people around racial, economic, climate and gender justice. From family farms to big cities, from coast to coast, they are fighting for community over greed, justice over racism, and people and planet over big corporations. ¬

People’s Action is working to advance an inclusive social vision that bridges urban and rural communities. In partnership with a set of market research experts, People’s Action will design and conduct an audience research initiative that will engage thousands of people in hard-hit rural and small town communities across six states.

We will use the tools of popular culture to the tell stories of America’s heartland that will unmask the false narrative of fear and distrust of “the other” and lift up values of justice and inclusion. We will use the power of popular culture to tell stories that amplify the dignity and strength of a diverse movement of people in rural communities and small towns.

Visit People’s Action’s website to learn more.