Meet our grantee:

The Opportunity Agenda (2017 Grant)

The Opportunity Agenda is an innovative social justice communication lab founded in 2006, dedicated to the idea that our nation can and should be a place where everyone enjoys full opportunity. The Opportunity Agenda collaborates with leaders around the country to move hearts and minds, driving lasting policy and culture change through a combination of communication expertise and creative engagement.

Artists and other culture workers can reach broad audiences, inspiring action, building empathy, addressing implicit bias, and envisioning the society that we aspire to be.

For nearly a decade, The Opportunity Agenda has convened leading artists, influencers, organizers, media makers, and funders across issues to strengthen relationships, discuss shared interests and best practices, and generate new cultural strategies and projects to support opportunity-related goals and values. The Opportunity Agenda will next collaborate with the Pop Culture Collaborative on the design of a day-long retreat for a set of partners across the entertainment, social justice and philanthropy fields to build relationships and share resources.

Visit Opportunity Agenda’s website.