Meet our grantee:

Moore + Associates

Moore + Associates is a creative agency that believes that cultural and narrative change is critical to political change. Neither an advertising agency nor PR firm, its work exists in the growing space in between, providing clients and artists with new ways to succeed at the intersection of public policy, popular culture and new media.

Musicians can provoke, agitate, and galvanize the public, shifting culture from estrangement to engagement. Musicians are well positioned to challenge and reshape narratives that cast marginalized communities as outsiders. It is critical to maximize this sector’s ability to have an impact on life and death issues facing these communities during moments of profound crisis.

Moore + Associates, in partnership with Spotify, The Opportunity Agenda, MTV and Revolutions Per Minute, will produce Music for Change – a convening and set of resources designed to build the field of artist-activists and cultural strategists working with musicians.

Visit Moore + Associates’ website.