Meet our grantee:



IllumiNative uses research, Native arts, media and storytelling to bring about understanding, meaningful representation, and systemic change. Harnessing, activating, and amplifying original Native content on multiple pop culture platforms, IllumiNative is building an innovative network that fosters meaningful participation from a diverse and committed collective of Native storytellers, artists, youth, organizers, tribal and grassroots leaders as well as non-Native partners in entertainment, media and social justice. Conceived by Echo Hawk Consulting, IllumiNative is led by a circle of respected Native and non-Native cultural strategists and Native artists including Crystal Echo Hawk (Pawnee), Heather Rae (Cherokee descent), Ryan RedCorn (Osage) and Buffalo Nickel Creative, and Chad Boettcher.

Over the next few years, IllumiNative will implement a high-impact national campaign with Native peoples and allies that will advance coordinated strategies in pop culture and media to disrupt the invisibility of Native peoples, smash toxic stereotypes and false narratives, and amplify contemporary Native voices, stories, issues and representation.

Invisibility is the modern form of racism against Native peoples. Our erasure is perpetuated and institutionalized in pop culture, media and other sectors. IllumiNative is focused on amplifying contemporary Native stories, voices and representation as a way to disrupt and interrupt this invisibility, fight racism and transform the way that American society and institutions think about Native peoples.—Crystal Echo Hawk, IllumiNative