Meet our grantee:


Harness envisions a world where human rights are protected by the power of the people. Harness’ vision and mission are rooted in the beginnings of the organization‚Äîa simple house meeting held by co-founders America Ferrera, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ryan Piers Williams after the 2016 presidential election. Led by Executive Director Marya Bangee, Harness works to center the stories of marginalized communities in popular culture. Harness is a community of artists, influencers, and grassroots leaders that envision a world where human rights are protected by the power of the people. Harness works within the entertainment industry, with individual influencers, and with media companies to support diverse narratives and amplify the work of progressive organizations and individuals.

Over the next few years, Harness will implement its long-term strategy to serve as a bridge between social movements and entertainment artists, including:

  • Creating networks and spaces that bring artists and activists together for deep partnership
  • Connecting major networks, producers and showrunners with activists on the forefront of critical movement issues
  • Hosting public events that place movement leaders and high-level cultural influencers in direct and meaningful conversation.

For more information, visit the website.

“There is magic when we bring artists and activists together. Harness brings together leading social justice leaders with thoughtful artists to radically imagine what the future of this country can look like – and then work to make that happen.” – Marya Bangee