Meet our grantee:

Department of the Future

Led by senior researchers Mark Gonzales and Daanish Masood, the Department of the Future will be advancing their work in the space of empathy technology. #EmpathyTech is a three-part research and design (R+D) initiative that 1) explores the mechanics of behavior and emotion (via cognitive, indigenous, and neurosciences) 2) designs immersive and other technologies for scaling empathy 3) identifies the real-world applications of such technologies.

The Department of the Future will design and host the first major multi-sector design sprint of the “EmpathyTech” field, bringing together strategists, technologists, scientists, and lived experience experts working in identity, peace and security, behavior change, narrative, cognitive/empathy science, and world-building to develop tools that ignite empathy at scale.—Mark Gonzales