Meet our grantee:

Center for Cultural Power

Center for Cultural Power

Center for Cultural Power (formerly CultureStrike) has established itself as a leading force in the growing arts for social change field. Bringing together various strands of cultural and community organizing with creativity at the center, it is part lab, activist studio, publisher, think tank, and network. The organization, co-founded by visual artist Favianna Rodriguez, has created groundbreaking artistic interventions and cultural strategy in the migrant, climate, and racial justice movements.

The Center for Cultural Power’s Disruptors Cohort will build a viable entertainment industry pipeline for undocumented writers and artists. The Center will create a cohort of undocumented artist fellows, providing support and mentorship for their creative development, provide artist-activism trainings, and create deep connections and a network of relationships with partners in the entertainment industry.

“We’re experiencing a huge uptick in narratives that are driving hate, fear and violence towards immigrant communities. What we need are narratives that show a complex, compassionate, and accurate view of immigrants and the immigrant experience in the US. Those artists who have lived these experiences deserve to control their own narratives, and migrants deserve a chance to see their stories reflected in the mainstream.”-Favianna Rodriguez, Center for Cultural Power