Meet our grantee:

Caring Across Generations

An innovative pop culture strategy will help Caring Across Generations to elevate women of color and immigrant caregiver as protaganists and pop culture, and invaluable members of our society. By highlighting their stories in the media they will not only shine a brighter light on their contribution and humanity, but also on the dignity of elder people in America and the need for greater public and political support for all families and people as we grow older and require care.

$200,000 over two years ($100,000 per/year)

To support next phase of large-scale culture change strategy: elevate women of color and immigrant caregivers as iconic protagonists in pop culture.

Culture change is real world change, and it helps create the environment in which other forms of change, including policy change, become inevitable.

To learn more about Caring Across Generations, visit here.