Meet our grantee:

ARRAY Alliance (2018 Grant)

Oscar-nominated director, writer, and activist Ava DuVernay believes that all people deserve to see their experiences reflected on screen with authenticity. In 2017, DuVernay launched the ARRAY Alliance to establish a creative home for artists, activists, and audiences to come together to create and experience pop culture stories that advance social change. ARRAY Alliance amplifies stories of underrepresented communities by providing women filmmakers and people of color with the resources they need to ensure their diverse perspectives have a platform, while also cultivating audiences among communities starved of inclusive images on screen. Over the next year, ARRAY Alliance will develop inclusive film and television workforce pipelines by:

  • Conducting a research and design process to prototype a database for below-the-line crew of color in entertainment;
  • Developing and piloting a year-long cinema literacy and artist leadership curricula for teens and college students of color entering the entertainment industry.

For more information, visit the website.

“Our work at ARRAY is not about opening weekend receipts, it’s about a social and cultural justice. Is about visibility and correcting absence. It’s about building community around inclusive, creativity. We hold hands with people who think like us and believe like us. It’s been a beautiful decade of nourishing work and results.” – Ava DuVernay