Meet our grantee:

ARRAY Alliance

ARRAY Alliance

Founded by filmmaker, distributor and activist Ava DuVernay, ARRAY Alliance envisions a world where the rich cultures, diverse viewpoints, and unique perspectives of the communities in which we live are fully represented through film, positively impacting racial and social justice around the globe. ARRAy amplifies stories of underrepresented communities by providing women of all kinds and people of color with the resources needed to ensure their diverse perspectives have a platform for change. Through myriad programs – including mentorship, education, and grant making – ARRAY also fosters a sense of community and elevates the profile of women of all kinds and people of color in the film and television industry.

Building on ARRAY’s design and testing of a new inclusive film and television workforce pipeline from the previous year, the Collaborative is supporting the roll-out of ARRAY CREW–a talent database and mobile app intended to create greater visibility and accessibility in hiring people of color and women for below-the-line crew positions starting in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City.  

“Our work at ARRAY is not about opening weekend receipts or shiny awards, it’s about a social and cultural justice. It’s about visibility and correcting absence. It’s about building inclusive community around creativity.” – Ava DuVernay, ARRAY