Meet our grantee:


5050by2020 is a strategic initiative that convenes, trains, and empowers artists to reshape culture. As an emergent activist strategy of Time’s Up, 5050 is galvanizing high-level artists to interrogate structural systems, challenge leadership, and infuse social justice values into the content they create. 5050 supports the leadership development of those who have been marginalized in order to build new models of power, access, and representation in television and film.

Project support for 5050by2020’s work is focused underrepresented voices within the entertainment industry, specifically on the cultivation and organizing of a transmasculine and nonbinary artists cohort, and a disabled artists cohort. 5050by2020 will work with each of these cohorts to establish new relationships and develop professional skills that they can use to advocate for change in the entertainment industry, leading to stories of transmasculine and disabled people being told in authentic and compelling ways.

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“At 5050by2020 we are invigorated by the idea of empowering artists and interrogating leadership to challenge the status quo. In Hollywood, we create the culture that tells the world how to feel about itself. Otherizing is a result of the creative power resting in the hands of men and white people; film is an empathy machine. By handing the tools of power and protagonism to a wider range of voices, we center new voices, instigate newfound power and change the world.” —Jill Soloway, 5050by2020