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Shawn Taylor

Senior Fellow: Future of Fandoms

Shawn Taylor is a writer and scholar on Afrofuturism and the ethno-speculative, science fiction, comic books, popular culture, and mythology/folklore. He is the cofounder of the popular geek culture site, and a cofounder of the Black Comix Arts Festival. Shawn is well known in the nerd/geek fandom space, being called to participate on panels and present at events ranging from Pandora’s mixtape series, the Silicon Valley Comic-Con, and various universities. Shawn uses participatory storytelling dimension of fandoms to initiate discussion and action in the real world (e.g. “Oakanda” a three-day on-line conversation exploring connections the “Black Panther” film and Oakland’s Black Panther Party for Self Defense).

As a Senior Fellow, Shawn will work with various members of fandom communities, creatives, and social movement and industry leaders to explore the various kinds of power fandoms wield, and to develop a set of strategies to better position fandom communities towards influencing social and cultural equity.

Read Shawn Taylor’s “Black Panther Ignites the Next Generation of Fandom Movements

Listen to a WONDERLAND podcast with Shawn Taylor in conversation with Pop Culture Collaborative Strategy Director Tracy Van Slyke on “Power to the People”


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