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Shawn Taylor

Senior Fellow: Future of Fandoms

Shawn Taylor  is a lifelong science fiction, fantasy, and comic book fan. He is a founding author of, and a founding organizer of the Black Comix Arts Festival. His passion for stories of other worlds led him to an obsession with role-playing games, eventually becoming a paid Dungeon Master for many Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. In high school, he organized a live action D&D battle in his school’s cafeteria. He was suspended for two days for orchestrating the battle, but some folks still talk about it as a highlight of their high school experience.

Shawn just concluded a Senior Fellowship with the Pop Culture Collaborative where he studied how fandom power could be used for social good. Currently his company, Drum and Gourd, is working on a toy line, a collectable card game, and a LARPing system. He also consults for media and gaming companies.

Read Shawn Taylor’s “Black Panther Ignites the Next Generation of Fandom Movements

Listen to a WONDERLAND podcast with Shawn Taylor in conversation with Pop Culture Collaborative Strategy Director Tracy Van Slyke on “Power to the People”


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