senior fellow

Jamilah King

Senior Fellow

Jamilah King is currently the Race and Justice reporter at Mother Jones, having previously worked as a senior staff writer at Mic, and a senior editor at Colorlines. Her writing and reporting has appeared in the Washington Post, Salon, NPR, MSNBC, and in the Advocate.

As a Senior Fellow, Jamilah tested the curation and production of stories, strategies and big ideas at the intersection of pop culture and social justice. She produced two content packages called Break the Story for Pop Culture Collaborative to engage stakeholders and potential change agents in social justice, philanthropy and entertainment, newsletter and social media platforms.  Jamilah’s content focused on critical narrative conversations, big strategy questions and emerging culture change models.

(Follow Jamilah @jamilahking)

Read Volume 1 of Break the Story: Imagining a Future Beyond White Supremacy and Volume 2 of Break the Story: Recentering Power

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