senior fellow

Erin Potts

Senior Fellow

Erin Potts has worked over the past two decades to create change through culture, to guide organizations & movements towards financial sustainability, and to bring together unusual teams to achieve lofty goals. Erin co-founded with the Beastie Boys the Milarepa Fund and Tibetan Freedom Concerts. She has established and led several nonprofits, including Revolutions Per Minute—a nonprofit agency that supports over 1,300 musicians and comedians making change.

As a Senior Fellow, Erin designed a six-month cohort experience to help a cohort of culture change strategists align their efforts and build a shared process. This included in depth interviews, research and joint planning exercises to expand this cohort’s capacity to work in deep alignment and coordination in their various client/collaborator projects.

(Follow Erin @erin_potts)

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