Senior Fellows

The Collaborative’s inaugural cohort of Senior Fellows is positioned to deepen and expand our collective work to advance a sustainable ‘pop culture for social change infrastructure’ and advance our mission to popularize authentic narratives for people of color, Muslims, immigrants and refugees in the media.  

If you, or someone you know would like to explore becoming a Pop Culture Collaborative Senior Fellow, please read more about the program HERE.

  • Maytha Alhassen

    Senior Fellow

    Maytha Alhassen is a Syrian-American journalist, poet and scholar, working to bridge the worlds of social justice, academic research, popular culture and artistic expression.

  • Jamilah King

    Senior Fellow

    Jamilah King is currently the Race and Justice reporter at Mother Jones, having previously worked as a senior staff writer at Mic, and a senior editor at Colorlines.

  • Erin Potts

    Senior Fellow

    Erin Potts has worked over the past two decades to create change through culture, to guide organizations & movements towards financial sustainability, and to bring together unusual teams to achieve lofty goals.

  • Ryan Senser

    Senior Fellow

    Ryan Senser runs a consulting practice — It’s Not Safe Out Here — to help social change organizations reinvent themselves through strategic visioning, planning, narrative architecture and engagement.

  • Zahra Noorbakhsh

    Senior Fellow

    Zahra Noorbakhsh is an award-winning comedian with writing featured on Fresh Air and in The New York Times, and co-hosting credit on the popular podcast #GoodMuslimBadMuslim.