• BoomGen Studios

    BoomGen Studios has led over the past ten years within the entertainment industry to combat tired of the stereotypical, racist, and outright offensive caricatures of their culture and community in popular media.

  • Color Creative

    ColorCreative’s mission is to raise awareness for emerging women and minority writers, and provide a springboard for their careers by producing and selling their work to digital, network and cable platforms.

  • JOLT Initiative

    JOLT Initiative is a Texas based non-profit organization that increases the civic participation of Latinos to build a strong democracy and a state where everyone’s voice is heard.

  • Moore + Associates

    Moore + Associates is a creative agency that believes that cultural and narrative change is critical to political change.

  • Pass the Mic Media

    Pass the Mic aims to dramatically change the landscape of pop culture, to render it radically inclusive.

  • People’s Action

    People’s Action is one of the largest multiracial, people’s organizations in the country made up of 48 member organizations with 600 local staff in 30 states representing a million grassroots leaders in communities and online.

  • Propper Daley

    A social impact agency based in Hollywood, Propper Daley helps its clients leverage their unique assets to create positive change in the world.

  • Secret Identities Universe

    Graphic novelist and pop culture critic Jeff Yang and the Secret Identities team work with professional graphic storytellers and amateur creators to collaboratively imagine and bring to life organically diverse original superheroes inspired by the personal experiences and cultural heritage of those who traditionally haven’t been depicted in popular culture.

  • Storyline Partners

    Storyline Partners collaborates with the entertainment industry, particularly TV writers rooms, to seed new narratives and support inclusive and nuanced storytelling that represents the authenticity and depth of communities who need a stronger voice in pop culture.

  • The League

    The League, an experimental narrative change agency, will explore rapid response strategies and structures that help social change movements and entertainment leaders use popular culture to capitalize on these catalyzing moments and in doing so, accelerate change for the better.

  • The Opportunity Agenda

    The Opportunity Agenda is an innovative social justice communication lab founded in 2006, dedicated to the idea that our nation can and should be a place where everyone enjoys full opportunity.

  • Unleashing Giants Studios

    Unleashing Giants is a company dedicated to the empowerment of others.