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The Pop Culture Collaborative is a new philanthropic resource to expand the landscape of pop culture narratives of people of color, immigrants and refugees and Muslims.

The time is NOW.

Divisive, harmful narratives are challenging who we are as a nation and affecting people’s lives on a day-to-day basis. Stories shift how people think, feel and act.

We need to raise the bar for what we want narratives to do in our culture and to offer audiences new ways of experiencing stories and each other. Together, we have the power to help audiences and our nation imagine the more humane and just future we want to live in.

HOW we will do this work is a reflection of our values.

We will collaborate and create connections between the entertainment and pop tech industries, philanthropy and the non-profit social justice sector.

We will engage with cross-cutting issues and movements:

  • Racial and ethnic equity
  • Pro-immigrant and refugees
  • Criminal justice
  • Economic justice
  • Gender equity
  • LGBT equity

We will take risks where the market cannot and help accelerate promising market-driven trends.

Most importantly, we will learn, experiment and share knowledge generously.

The Pop Culture Collaborative is for YOU.

Entertainment creatives
Pop tech leaders
Social change activists
Game changers, truth tellers and future makers who share our vision

WHAT the fund will support:

Research, knowledge-building and data dissemination; best practices and lessons learned

Networking and relationship building; leadership training and pipeline development

Mass audience activation, celebrity strategy and engagement; new distribution platforms

New donor strategies, increased philanthropic investment; collaborative funding relationships

WHEN we will launch:

Visioning conversations are already taking place across the country.
Grant information will be available in Spring 2017.
A robust website resource is under development.

Networking and relationship building. Leadership training and pipeline development.

New donor strategies, increased philanthropic investment.


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